I am not just the charming, witty writer you see before you. I also:

  • am a travel buff, food eater, cat adorer, family lover, soccer player, book reader, home chef, huge ‘ole nerd

  • once visited 19 countries in 1 year.

  • am a firm believer in the oxford comma.

  • once flew a small airplane. I have also jumped out of a small airplane. These were not the same plane.

  • read. I'm currently 6045 pages (out of 6592) into Game of Thrones. I’ve been reading this for 5 years, so I’m clearly tenacious (updated 7/18/19)

  • think the shorter you can say something, the more powerful it is. Art Directors love this.

  • have a cat named Lilah. Named after the crazy girlfriend in Dexter. The ending of that show was awful.

  • bake for fun and I can't eat all of it, so there will be baked goods brought into the office. You can go ahead and put that in the pro column.

  • have never seen any classic movie ever. At first I blamed my parents but at this point, it's really my fault.